The Silicon Valley Therapist

“Let’s have the conversation that changes your life.”

Silicon Valley can be brutal. Impossible Brain_light-brainprofessional demands. Intense financial pressures. You pay a price, and so does your relationship. Something needs to change!

I am The Silicon Valley Therapist. I work with HiTech leaders and the Super-Intelligent (as well as those trying to love them). After decades in the Valley as a HiTech developer/manager, creative consultant and artist, I’m uniquely qualified to help.

My rare blend of experience, insight and humor help you regain traction in your life and open new possibilities. Few therapists will understand your situation as I can.

I help engineers become managers. I also work with couples, because I’m fluent in both English and nerd. I can help bridge the communication gap in your relationship. Whatever your endeavor, I can help you understand others in your perspective.

We work interactively and collaboratively to free you from the limiting perceptions constricting you. Bringing passion back to your work and your life by re-balancing your perspective, increasing the wisdom of your choices and the intention of your actions. Together we help you reveal and activate more productive options!