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Movie: MASH (1970)

MASH is an amazing movie. I’m not talking about the TV series here but the original movie from 1970, directed by Robert Altman. This was a controversial film when it first came out because it was full of 1960’s cynicism … Continue reading

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Telling My Story

We all have our story. From time to time we tell our story… to friends, relatives, co-workers, co-passengers, bystanders, strangers, bartenders, and of course people tell their story to therapists. It’s your story and you are the one telling it. Here’s … Continue reading

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Quote: Definitive Power

“The power to define the situation is the ultimate power.”  -Jerry Rubin, activist and author (1938-1994) As a political activist, it is likely Mr. Rubin meant that power derives from being able to define situations for others, thereby influencing their … Continue reading

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The Specificity Paradox

What is your client population? Who do you want to see? Who will you help? These can be vexing questions for psychotherapists in general, particularly so for interns and trainees. These questions raise many emotions for us, chief among them … Continue reading

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Quote: Flow of Life

“I cannot prevent the wind from blowing, but I can adjust my sails to make it work for me.”  ― Code of the Order of Isshinryu There is a flow to the universe which happens regardless of our actions. This … Continue reading

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An East-West Metaphor

Here is a story which illustrates one possible take on the difference between Eastern and Western approaches. Imagine one day some aliens come down to earth and they issue a challenge. They are going to leave a specimen with us … Continue reading

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New Tech, Old Fear

“The young people of  today think of nothing but themselves. They have no reverence for parents or old age. They talk as if they knew everything, and what passes for wisdom with us is foolishness with them. As for the … Continue reading

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Quote: Failure’s Value

“Failure is not an end, it’s a launching point.”  -HSW How do I know? I created one of the epic failures of our time. Here’s what I learned: Failures are stepping stones to success… but only if we learn from … Continue reading

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FQP: What is it?

Here is another Fundamental Question of Personality: It is what it is OR it isn’t what it should be? Which way do you sway when something you’d prefer wasn’t is? It-is-what-it-is types lean more toward acceptance, seeking attunement with their … Continue reading

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The Latest Addiction

There is a lot of press lately on Social Media addiction and the evil this engenders. This is typical of news coverage today. Blame the symptom instead of the cause. They cite the number of addicts but never the number … Continue reading

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