Choosing Change

Change. Some say it’s the only constant.

Change is what we want when we don’t want to be where we are. Change is what therapy is all about. No one hires a therapist to keep things as they are.

Choices are at the root of all change. Whether they are my choices or not. Whether they are conscious choices or unconscious. Every choice closes some doors and opens others. This changes my landscape of possibilities. It redefines my available choices. That’s change!

It’s hard to predict all the consequences of our choices, to know what change we are creating. It may be easier to simply ask if the choice reflects my own desires and needs. Am I making this choice from my internal compass or to gain the approval of others? Are the two in conflict? Do I even know the difference?

One thing’s for sure:  Change will happen.

Each choice invites change and each change poses new choices, this is the circle of life.

Learning to make choices which honor my integrity, this is the nature of growth.

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