Mind Over Splatter

I have a very cute dog with a lovely, upbeat disposition (which is quite charming). A little less so when he needs to be walked. Less still when it’s raining. And on a day like today when I have to arrive on time to an all-day training, his lackadaisical sense Jack_6mos_01_teenyof timing on walks can be downright irritating. It’s like he has no respect for my schedule. And after all I’ve done for him!

So we’re trudging along through the pitter patter of the raindrops and the splitter splatter of the mud-puddles and I’m really into being annoyed. At this moment, the dog that I love is a nuisance and an impediment.

Fortunately, this is day 2 of a seminar on experiential techniques which are all about being aware in the moment and opening new possibilities. So instead of just being annoyed I start to pay attention to the how and why of my annoyance and I revisit my situation.

Here I am, walking early in the morning with no one else around (courtesy of the rain). A peaceful placid stroll, listening to some of my favorite music. Here’s Jack, the wonder-puppy, bobbing along in his typically jubilant gait. He’s pretty happy at the moment, begging the question: How am I not? I look at Jack again, only this time I decide to let go of the nuisance lens and instead see him as I usually do: as my floppy goofball compatriot. Suddenly all my irritation dissolves. My heart swells with joy and I am incredibly happy.

And all I did was switch my focus from one aspect of the current moment to another.

I think seminars and trainings can be very useful, but it’s amazing what you can learn from your puppy.

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