The “Monday” Reframe

A lot of people hate Mondays. At times I have felt this way too. Consider this…

Monday’s are only about 14% of your life (~14.2857% for the more retentive amongst us). When you wake up on any given day you are a 6-to-1 favorite to avoid it! Those are pretty good odds.

What about Mondays when you don’t have to go to work or school? Are those better Mondays? When you add the fact most 3-day weekends include Monday and every week long vacation includes a Monday, that’s still quite a few Mondays back in the win column.

And after all, is it really Monday you hate? Or is it what you must do on Monday? And why do you hate this thing so much that you feel the need to transfer your ire on to an innocent day of the week? In Israel, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. I wonder if they hate Sunday?

I’ve noticed two periods in my life when I was consistently happy on Monday: Long ago when I was at Atari creating some of the first video games and the last several years since I’ve become a psychotherapist. I like Monday because I love what I’m doing.

So when Monday hurts a bit, take heart in the knowledge that it’s probably not Monday that irks you, it’s your life. This is great news, because it’s so much easier to change your life than it is to change the week!

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