The Meaning of Being a Psychotherpist

“I’m filled with gratitude & every day it grows. How could it not?
My appointment book is a bouquet of intimate moments.
My colleagues are a network of skilled empathizers.
My cost of doing business is self-care and personal development.
In the service of helping others I help myself.
Where else can I get so much value for giving so much value?
I learn. I grow. I love to inspire…
I am a Psychotherapist.”

Excerpt from “The Inspired Intern
A new book by Howard Scott Warshaw, MA, ME, LMFT

This book is from my heart. Share my inner journey from Trainee to Licensed Psychotherapist. People find it inspirational. They say it reawakens their passion by bringing them back to why they began this journey in the first place.

I’m very grateful and honored to provide this experience.

Available in Paperback and eBook:  Click here to check it out!

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