Passion with a Balanced Perspective

“Passion with a Balanced Perspective” is the title of this blog. This is my life philosophy (or at least the goal I strive for).

Passion is the source of tremendous energy. There are many things about which I am very passionate. Being a psychotherapist is chief among them. I have been fortunate to enjoy many different careers, each with its own particular intrigue and perspective. Psychotherapy draws on all the others. It brings my entire past to life and lets me reach more types of people in deeper ways.

A Balanced Perspective sustains the energy. Without balance I can simply burn brightly until I burn out. Balance brings focus and direction to the energy. Balance helps me choose where to spend the energy and when to shift.

Passion creates the fire. Balance creates the lamp. This is very useful when exploring dark and unfamiliar places, as therapists frequently do.

As a therapist I inspire clients to seek passion with a balanced perspective. Then they are empowered to pursue their own journey.

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