Quote: Emotional Baggage Bellhop

We are all bellhops in the Hotel of Life. The more baggage we carry, the fewer doors we can fit through.

The real burden of emotional baggage is the toll it takes on our possibilities. It’s one of life’s great distractions. When we think of distracted drivers we tend to think of the risks and dangers, but what about the great stops we miss? These are lost opportunities that could make our trip richer and more memorable.

Similarly in life, I can be so busy servicing my baggage that I miss valuable experiences or chances for personal development. I limit myself in more ways than I know. How can I count what I don’t even notice?

I’m taking the trip either way, must I minimize its value?

At its root, emotional baggage is ironic. How can something so easy to carry be such a heavy burden?

Gratitude, curiosity, forgiveness and responsibility are useful tools for releasing the pieces of emotional baggage we carry.

As a bellhop in Hotel Life, I’m better off dumping bags whenever I can. The goal is being able to reach every room in the place so I won’t miss any big tippers. And don’t worry about making a mess, Hotel Life is blessed with an amazing housekeeping staff.

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