Quote: Therapeutic Truth

“You can be kind with the truth or blunt with the facts.”  -Ruth A. Auten, LMFT

Here’s the great thing about the truth: Everybody’s got one.

I don’t put much effort into convincing people about some objective truth. They are more inclined to hear their own truth than one I might offer. My thing is to speak to people in terms of their own truth. What I do is listen to their truth and then share it back to them in such a way that it sounds fresh.

I can do this in a couple of ways. I can hit you with it like a pie in the face! But that’s more suited to comedy than therapy. I prefer to deliver your truth like an alarm clock. If I share something you know is true, it will get your attention. And if it’s a new take on a long standing truth, it just might wake you up! It might create a fresh outlook on some long standing issues. This can lead to a new path, a new goal or a new understanding of yourself. Now you are primed to make some real progress!

When a client comes into my office, this is how I approach the work:
Let’s have the conversation that changes your life.

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