The Breaks

Therapy is all about the breaks: Breakdowns and Breakthroughs.

Breakdowns lead us into therapy and Breakthroughs get us out.

Breakdowns are simply moments when I realize what I’m doing isn’t working and it’s clear something must change. I don’t mean just suspecting or thinking about it, I mean actually realizing I can’t take one more step on my current path.

Breakthroughs are just “Aha” moments when I flash on a new possibility. I suddenly see a fresh approach I’d never considered before, and now I can start doing things differently… thus creating the possibility of different results. Maybe better results!

Breakdowns and breakthroughs are a mainstay of psychotherapy. Sometimes, when close to a breakthrough, I push too hard and wind up breaking down. And at times when I’m at my limit and all seems lost, I break through to an insight which changes everything.

Breakdowns and Breakthroughs: Isn’t it interesting how the promise of one can lead me into the other?

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