How To Pack For Time Travel

Ever run into an old acquaintance and start reminiscing? They tell you a story and you recall it instantly, but you also realize that until this moment you’d completely forgotten it. Possibly lost forever if my old friend doesn’t rekindle the memory. We don’t realize this until we compare notes with others. When it does happen it briefly opens a window into ourselves. If you care to, take a look.

We take what we need from any moment, but we don’t take all there is… or was. We make choices as to what we carry forward and what we leave behind. How do we decide? The choices we make say a great deal about who we are. They show us what we are seeking as we venture on through life. When my old friend reminds me of a choice I made, it gives me the chance to explore.

This process of selecting memories is very much like packing for a long trip. I focus on the things I believe will best serve me in my travels. One thing’s for sure though, better pack carefully for the flight. Future Airways has a very strict policy: Only one carry-on per customer, and it must fit into your over-shoulder compartment.

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