Book: The Inspired Intern

Becoming a therapist is a lot of work! Inspiration is the fuel that keeps the fires stoked. In dark moments when I question myself on this long and arduous journey, inspiration revives and renews me. It gets me back on track to where I need to be.

This book is the café latte that reawakens your passion. It reminds you why you chose this path in the first place. These are fresh points of view for therapists of all ages and all developmental stages.

I was a very successful intern, largely due to the tremendous inspirational gifts I received from mentors, supervisors and colleagues. This book pays these precious gifts of inspiration forward in a unique and delightful style. Every therapist (or therapist to be) should read this book, it will serve you well. ~HSW

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The Reviews are in!

CAMFT’s magazine The Therapist:
“The Inspired Intern is an enjoyable read that serves as a welcome diversion from the heavier academic fare of graduate school coursework. Therapy interns need tremendous perseverance as they travel towards licensure, and Warshaw’s book – with it’s ability to educate and invigorate – is a resource that will help them maintain their commitment toward that goal.”  

Alison Cabell, LMFT:
“You’ve shared yourself with vulnerability and humor and I think your book will enrich the journey for students, trainees and interns.”

Jamie Davis:
“I just finished this book for a second time. It’s charming, witty, informative, hilarious, and heartwarming. It’s not just for therapists! I hesitate to use the term “self-help”, but of the self-help books out there this is by far and away one of the best. It’s very clearly written and by an author with a lot of heart. I highly recommend it.” 

Ms. Judith Icasiano:
“Very helpful for interns in knowledge and support. A must read for all interns. At last a book that a book that puts in words how interns feel on their long journey.” 

Judith Saeks Gable, LCSW:
“It’s real and engaging and funny and inspiring. I can pick it up and turn to any page and feel like there’s something I can get from just reading one page.”