The Latest Addiction

There is a lot of press lately on Social Media addiction and the evil this engenders.

This is typical of news coverage today. Blame the symptom instead of the cause. They cite the number of addicts but never the number of people using the “addictive substance” who are not addicted (which does not support their claim).

I believe behavioral addiction is primarily an issue in the individual, the specific activity chosen to express the addiction is secondary. It makes a better story to blame new social trends but isn’t it interesting that addiction has always existed while most addictive outlets are relatively new?

It’s process over content once again. IMHO, we need to treat the underlying mechanism in operation and not focus so much on the particular expression if we want to make real progress with recovery issues.

I’m not sure the media is helping us in that regard. But recovery counselors and treatment specialists need to remember that’s not the media’s job… it’s ours!


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