The Trip From A to B

A person leaves point A, travels a bit and winds up at point B. That’s what we see. But if we look a little deeper, this journey represents two very different trips.

In the first, the person is hanging out in A, suddenly sees B and says “WOW! That’s the place for me! I’m heading for B immediately.”

In the second, the person is hanging out in A thinking, “WOW! This sucks! I’m out of here. Oh, there’s B. That’s as good as anyplace. I’m heading for B immediately.”

One is about seeking a destination. The other is about exiting a problem.

Am I pursuing pleasure or avoiding pain? The classic question… but not always obvious.

We go from A to B all the time, but are we aware of what we’re doing?

Am I working toward a desired goal or running from an undesirable situation?

Do I know if I’m coming or going?

My travels have taught me this: It’s not as important to know my route as it is to understand which trip I’m taking.

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