The Planting Season

‘Tis the season. The one with many names.

Most people call it the holiday season, but how you refer to the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day depends on who you are and what you do.

For consumers it’s shopping season. For retailers it’s profit season. For marketers it’s the window. For producers it’s the wall. It’s a time for inspection and reflection. A time for rapping up and wrapping up. For farmers this is the quiet time after the harvest, but for therapists… this is the planting season.

Families everywhere are reuniting and reigniting. Gifts are exchanged and buttons are pushed. Resentments long dormant through summer and fall are reawakened in a cornucopia of closeness. Drama for some, comedy for others. It can be filled with complexity and nuance, but through a therapist’s lens the scene is very simple:
Seeds are being planted.

These seeds sit quietly through the winter, doing their invisible business as newly planted seeds do.  And sometime in early spring they reemerge, sprouting new clients.

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