Here’s The Problem With This Post…

There is a certain kind of person with which we’re all familiar. They always know what’s wrong with something. Be it a product, circumstance or popular issue, they know why it’s a mess and they know it won’t get fixed.

It could be fixed (they’ll tell you precisely how), but they know it won’t be fixed because the powers that be can’t see it as clearly as they do.

When smart people focus on problems and blockages, they only see what doesn’t work. Frequently these people wind up doing nothing. Of course that’s not how they see it. In their view, they are saving effort and energy by never running down blind alleys. They feel pride in their tremendous efficiency.

I believe it’s more likely they are just short changing their life’s potential. These people are stuck. So what should you do about it? Avoid them?

No. Learn from them. Take advantage of a wonderful opportunity. Think of how you react to things. Find times when you agree with their hopelessness about a situation and pay attention. Let them help you see where you may be stuck…

Then free yourself.

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