What Is Therapy? (part 2)

I recently attended an excellent training given by Rob Fisher, MFT. One of the highlights for me was when Rob gave a definition of therapy. He said something along the lines of:

Therapy is guiding people inside themselves in ways that produce new material.

How often do we reconsider long standing issues only to come up with the same old stuff? A good therapist helps you find new answers to old questions. Now you can explore new possibilities and pursue new directions, ultimately resulting in a new life of your own creation. A life better suited to who you are.

When I asked Rob for the exact quote I discovered another point about therapy…

He couldn’t recreate the exact quote. The insight came to him in the moment, he shared it and then released it. I felt the impact and I carry the benefit forward, but the moment was gone and so were the particulars of the quote.

People who are truly present and focused in the moment produce remarkable things, but it can be hard to recall them later because the same focus that produced those gems has moved on to new moments. That’s why recording can be a valuable tool.

Therapy happens in the present moment. The past is important, but nothing is ever solved or resolved there. The only place growth and healing occur is right here right now.

Therapy is extremely spontaneous.

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