What is Therapy?

This is a question with many answers. Therapy can be a first step, a second chance or a last resort.

I believe therapy is an opportunity for growth. Genuine growth will always create change.

A therapist is a bridge between what is and what could be. Therapy is the journey from the perspective that’s keeping you stuck to a new perspective that frees you. Therapy is a journey of openly exploring attitudes, leading to shifting perceptions and patterns.

Releasing attachment to outcomes is a very important part of this journey. This may seem counter-intuitive. After all, isn’t the outcome the whole reason I come to therapy! What would I seek if not outcomes?

How about growth?

Consider this:
When we commit to specific outcomes we are limited.
When we commit to growth we are free.

Grow your perspective in new directions! Find new ways to meet old situations. The more you expand your possibilities the more your outcomes will improve. Everyone is the genius of their own perspective. Be the best genius you can be!

Remember: Therapy is not what happens in the room for one hour each week. Therapy is what happens during the other 167 hours.

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