When Online is Off-point

I just returned from an excellent professional conference. As a direct result I feel better able to serve my clients. This was meaningful Continuing Education!

I don’t get that feeling from online CEUs. I get the hours but I don’t get the infusion. I believe that’s where online is off-point. Hours are necessary, but live conference experience actually improves my practice.

I got to immerse myself in professional kinship and camaraderie. I got to write off some delicious meals and a fun trip. But most importantly…

I got to see the ICONs practice what they preach. I got to see the people I’ve studied for years come to life. I saw demonstrations by Sue Johnson, Bill O’Hanlon, Donald Michenbaum and many others. It solidified and clarified many elusive concepts in powerful ways.

I didn’t just rack up hours for license renewal, I’m genuinely inspired and enriched by this experience. My clients benefit also as I bring this fresh energy into the room.

I believe continuing education is significantly more effective if I see you when I CEU!

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