What is the dollar value of person-months wasted in gripe sessions over interdepartmental politics, misunderstandings and rumors?

The ability to pierce communication blocks and refocus people on  fundamental issues is a valuable asset. Resolving interpersonal and interdepartmental conflicts is a skill borne of my years as a developer, manager and communicator.

These are skills I can bring to your company.

Having worked in product development, marketing, management and creative design I am uniquely qualified to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. I can identify issues quickly and I have the language facility to resolve them directly.

Lost productivity is expensive. Salvaging lost productivity is the most direct bottom line contribution available to you right now.

Mediating conflicts swiftly. Facilitating more accurate interdepartmental communications. Coaching technologists to become effective managers. Training moderators to maximize meeting efficiency by minimizing lost time and tangential drift. These are ways I will help you and your company.